Saturday, January 23, 2010

Penang Coastal Highway and Jelutong Highway

Penangite, this will looks very familiar for you :D I just wish to capture more about Penang while I am still here ;)

After E&O buffet lunch, I use the opportunity as a passenger to capture some shot of Jelutong Expressway and Coastal Highway (Leburaya Bayan Lepas or Bayan Lepas Expressway)


2. We can see Penang Bridge from Coastal Highway. In the map, A & C is respectively Tesco and E-Gate.

3. IJM development project, The LIGHT Waterfront. The in-progress of land reclamation. Some is covered up from the roadside. I am not so into reclaimed land. But it is not at price that I can afford though.

4. Sometimes you can see aeroplane in the sky :)

5. Follow the sign-board.

6. The newly open Eastin Hotel.


NG YIH YOUNG said...

mk, u sambil driving, sambil 拍照啊?

mk said...

My colleauge was driving :)