Monday, September 7, 2009

2009-08-20 (1) BaliSandy Cottages, Bali

For this Bali trip blog posts, I will try to put in hotel information if possible, so if readers can have some reference if they ever would like to visit Bali. This disclaimer is to clarify that I am not doing hotel advertising here :p

BaliSandy Cottages located at Poppies Lane II. Well, you will be surprised that most of the road at Bali is narrow, which make it always jam. Sometimes walking is probably faster than a taxi at Kuta happening area.

Here is some view of the hotel:

I personally like this small balcony in front of each room. Sometimes it is very relaxing to sit here, relax, enjoy the garden view, instead of watching TV inside the hotel room :) Later I found out, most of the hotel I stayed in this trip has such small balcony in front of the room. Maybe it is common here :)

The room and toilet doesn't look new. But as long as it is clean and secure, I am more than happy, although the room rate is not cheap during this peak season.

Breakfast is included, each guest will be provided with either fruit platter or a cup of fruit juice, plus two pieces of toast or Indonesia style pancake. We'd forgot to ask if can we have fried nice/noodle instead of pancake/toast, if you are in Bali hotel, you may tried to ask, most of them do provide fried rice/noodle as choices as well.


Connie said...

Faster update more about Bali. I feel like want to go there one day. Keep the itinerary for me.. :)

Zemien said...

Eh? The hotel breakfast doesn't have salmon fish ar? :P

Anonymous said...

hello, thank you for your post these pics are great. can i ask you some questions about the hotel please? did it have a fridge in the room? was the room standard? did the hotel have a safe box? was the hotel noisy? were the staff helpful and friendly? comfort levels? thanks, Fran

mk said...

Was busy with work these few days :)
Connie, I have more to write, stay tuned :D

Zemien, maybe 5 star hotel will provide salmon fish :p

Fran, here you go:
did it have a fridge in the room?
- Yes, a small one, with some bottle beverages. When I was there, there is no complementary mineral water, so better bring your own. You may get from Circle-K or mini mart, price is reasonable.

was the room standard?
- It has the basic utility, bed, small TV and bathroom :)

did the hotel have a safe box?
- If not mistaken yes, there is a safe box at the receptionist, but we do not use it.

was the hotel noisy?
- It was quiet during my stay there

were the staff helpful and friendly? comfort levels?
- I reached there around 10pm and checked-out on next day 8.30am, so have not deal with their staff a lot except the restaurant waitress. The waitress are friendly and helpful. In overall, the hotel is not new, but I am okay with it because my requirement is cleaniness and safety. Btw, the door lock is not to say very secure type as in those 5 star hotel :)

Anonymous said...

thank you MK. i got your email :) Fran