Friday, September 11, 2009

2009-08-20 (3) Sukawati

After we left bird park, we headed to Kintamani. On our way, we passed by Sukawati. As according to the driver, this is a place for shopping. Here is how it looks like:

A market with shops at the roadside. There were a lot of people selling souvenir, clothes and etc. We did not intent to buy anything in this trip, thus spent around 20 min to walk around, then continue our journey. The driver were certainly surprised, usually tourist will spend at least few hour there for shopping. Anyway, I got a local prepaid mobile phone package. It costs IDR 15K with IDR 5K worth of call time. Then I top up another IDR 10K which was charged at IDR 11K, in case if I need to make call to hotel/driver.

On our way to Kintamani, we saw kid walked to school. In Bali, public transportation is very poor, it is very common for kid to walk to school. The kids were wearing sarung and we thought there are some function in the school. After explained by the driver, only we realize kids here wear sarung to school on full moon (bulan purnama) and new moon (bulan mati) day.

The driver also pointed the tangerine plantation field to us. There are a lot of plantation in Bali, but interesting thing is the plantation area is very focus. For example, vegetables will be planted at area A, tangerine will be planted at area B, strawberry at area C and etc :)

That's is it before we reached Kintamani. I was pretty tired and was fall asleep in the car then :p

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