Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2009-08-22 (5) Uluwatu, Bali

The traffic was terribly jam on our way to Uluwatu. Well, the road in Bali is narrow.

The driver shared about Balinese name with us. Dislike Chinese nor western country, Balinese name doesn't include surname in it. The name is usually in a form of "Name I (or NI) BirthSequence". For example, let say the name is Arya, and if he is the first son, it will be Arya I Gede. The middle alphabet represents sex, 'I' for male, 'NI' for female.

Luckily, we still manage to reach Uluwatu before 5pm. I cannot remember the entrance fee, if not mistaken is either IDR 3K or 5K.

Always good to read notice board at the entrance :)

A funny notice at the bottom of picture above. "Kalau anda bukan orang sembarangan, janganlah buang sampah sembarangan", it means "If you are not a simply human, don't simply throw rubbish'. From the upper part of the notice board, it was mentioned monkey will grab things. Well they really do. There are a lot of monkeys there, look at the entrance below, how many monkey can you spot?

We found out the monkey like to grab 'fling', shining or things that they can easily grab, for example, cap, glasses, necklace and camera strap. Really, watch out when you are here, the monkey movement is very fast. When it is closer to sunset, there are monkey came out and join the crowd. I didn't stay long and quickly keep my camera into bag. I scare of monkey.

Here are the only shots I manage to take.

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