Monday, September 28, 2009

2009-08-22 (4) Tanah Lot

It took us around 1.5 hours from Bedugut to Tanah Lot.

In these few days, we always saw bus with name Pariwisata and thought it was a company name. After refer to the driver only we know pariwisata means tourism. It is similar to Bas Pelancongan we always see in Malaysia :)

[Click on picture for clearer version]

After paid IDR 10K per person and a car park fee costs IDR 5K, in total IDR 45K (~RM 16), we still need to walk a bit to reach Tanah Lot. Follow the sign board as shown below:

If you lost direction, the hawker is very friendly to answer your question :)

A cliff:

Tanah Lot temple:

Aug is surfing season, look at my 'standing hair' and the strong wave :D

A panaromic view of Tanah Lot. Unfortunately the color settings run when I took the panaromic picture, maybe due to the direction and sunlight.

It will be enjoyable to have a coconut drink there, but we not manage to find any table with good view, thus we give it a pass this time.

I am curious the purpose of the additional 'accessories' at some of the motorbike. Want to take a guess? But I do not have answer though :)

Tanah Lot is famous for sunset too. But we decided to go to Uluwatu for sunset, to save tomorrow time from travelling.


Tom Bali said...

These strange accessories are made for carrying surfboards. Surfers use it to bring their board to the beach of their choice.
Nice travelogue, I enjoy reading.

mk said...

Aha, thanks for the answer. I was wondering why two handles were needed, the stuff to carry must be long.
Thanks, glad to hear you enjoy it :)

ayumi83 said...

For more information about Tanah Lot, you can find at

mk said...

Thank you, the link will be certainly useful :)