Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009-08-20 (5) Tampak Siring

After lunch, we headed to Tampak Siring. I believe you may find a lot of historical story on google, blackle or any search engine, thus I do not plan to repeat it here but just pictures :)

The entrance fee is IDR 6K per person. At the entrance, you will see this.

Unique carving on the gate. Reminded me of Banteay Srei near Angkor Wat, of course Banteay Srei is much more better in my point of view :)

Some locals taking bath, some pray very sincerely while doing that.

Most of the 'door' at Bali pura (temple) looks like below, like a splitted triangle. If you google, I believe there are story about it. Some travel agent was telling story, but I didn't pay attention much.


Local ladies with Balinese sarung praying in the pura. There was a sign board there mentioning for visitor to show respect, please do not walk in front of prayers.

Everytime enterring any of pura in Bali, if your pant is shorter than knee length, there will be officer distributing a piece of clothe for visitor to wrap their thigh, as a sign of respect. If you have no idea how to wrap, they will be more than happy to help you. For the rest of visitor, you will still get a piece of thin clothes to tie at your waist. Of course we have to return the clothes at the exit.

At the exit, there are a lot of souvenir stalls. The seller are very experienced, by looking at you and the way you talk, they know your origin. I was cheated by one of them here. One of the lady holding a piece of skirt, and say RM 5. Wow, RM 5 is really a good deal, thus I stopped and take a look at that. Then I confirmed the price and want to make payment, she told me it is RM 25. I asked her why just now she said is RM 5. She explained a lot by saying it is impossible to be at RM 5 and bla bla bla. Okay then, I wanted to leave, she hold my hand again and say RM 10. I confirmed on the price again, this time is RM 15. I felt like I was cheated and wanted to leave. She hold my hand very tight and did not want to let go. I tried my best to escape from her and left. On our way out, I heard a lot of low price item, which I guess most of them using similar technique. So watch out when you shop there :)

[Updated Sep 16, 2009] Refer to picture below, referring to red highlighted area, visitors with pant less than knee length will be given a piece of cloth to wrap on, while other will be given a small piece of cloth to tie on the waist. (Click on picture link for clearer version).


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