Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009-08-21 (5) Lovina

We headed to the north of Bali after lunch. I didn't realize when we reach there, because I am expecting a more happening town like Kuta. In fact, this is not as that, the street looks like below:

After checked-in to Aditya Hotel, we order the massage service. It costs IDR 90K (~RM 32) for 1.5 hours. The massage was at the hotel beach gazebo, as that in the left of picture below:

When I first reached the gazebo, the massager asked me to take out my clothes, leave only the inner. I was a bit shocked at first, after few second, I realize all other massagee wearing swim suit for massage. Oh okay, I learn the lesson now. Well, the massager immediately asked where are we from. After knowing our country of origin, she immediately put down the bamboo blind. Well, since this is the culture there, I guess I have no choice but just do it, assuming I am wearing swim suit *blush*. I felt a bit awkward still :p Okay, I am convervative, I admit :p

After massage, I quickly go back to my room and take my camera for the sunset. Now you get the answer, the sunset picture was taken at Lovina :)


sock peng said...

finally i know where u shot ur blog main photo

mk said...

*chuckle* quite nice sunset :D