Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009-08-20 (6) Goa Gajah

After Tampak Siring, we departed to Goa Gajah, which is quite near, around 15 - 30 min drive. Oh yes, Goa Gajah is another temple, although its name got Gajah (elephant), but there is not Gajah there, this is the joke from the driver *chuckle*

The driver said Bali is a thousand pura (temple) island :D It is really true that you can see temple everywhere in Bali. But the nice thing is they didn't put any speaker on top of the temple, not disturbing other people when they pray. You will understand what I mean by that especially if you are Malaysian staying near a mosxxx.

Here is something they used to pray.

The entrance fee is IDR 6K per person. It consist of only water pond below and a gateway to a dark tunnel/cave with few statue inside.

When we exit the temple around 5.30pm, the entrance fee counter was closed. We return the clothes to a local and he just dropped it inside the ticket counter window. We were joking if we come by this time, no need to pay entrance fee *chuckle*.

Lastly, we started our journey to Ubud.


Dash said...

What "clothes" were you returning? You need to wear special "clothes" to enter this temple?

mk said...

Tampak Siring post was updated with picture of it :) http://changmeikuan.blogspot.com/2009/09/2009-08-20-5-tampak-siring.html and if you can scroll to the bottom.

We were required to put on either big/small clothes at all pura (temple) visited except Tanah Lot. Oh yeah, more post will come :)