Sunday, September 6, 2009

Petai smell at Bukit Jambul hiking trail?

After settle down in Penang, finally can go for some hiking :)

It is raining very frequently recently, thus some part at Bukit Jambul hiking trail is quite slippery. Anyhow, thanks to the volunteer for putting some cement paving at some steps, make the condition much better compared to last time :)

I am not sure if you have hike Bukit Jambul trail in the morning, I have not, except recently lucky to have a married couple to hike together, or else I won't dare to go alone, as I heard there were robbery case occasionally. Oh I think I am getting too far haha :p I would like to share today is there is some petai-like smell near the middle of the trail, which I think is very new :D For my past few years hiking in Penang, I have not smell petai at any of the hiking trail in Penang, maybe I've not hike enough :p Like I've not dance enough to step on my own feet :)

Have a great weekend, friend :)

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