Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009-08-22 (2) Lake Buyan and sight seeing

On our way to Tanah Lot, we passed by few places e.g. Munduk. It is high attitude, fresh air and lower temperature, like that of Cameron Highland of Malaysia :)

We saw few cemetery at the roadside. The driver told us the dead body will be buried for only 5 years, after that the skeleton will be collected and I can't remember what they do with it. The driver made a joke that, if the cemetery is not re-used, Bali will be fulled with only cemetery and no place for alive people to live :p Another joke he also made is, if road in Bali is big, then they will have no space to live already *chuckle*. In fact, there are still quite a lot of forest in Bali, and according to the driver, those are reserved forest to keep Bali green.

At Munduk, there are few 'stair paddy field', as in picture below:

[Click on picture for clearer version]

If I forgot to mention the kids here walked to school everyday, some even need to walk for hours. Here is a picture they walked to school/home, with their school uniform. I remembered in parent old days, they have to cycle for hours to go to school. Well, I felt appreciated that I am able to take bus to school. When I grew up, there is limited toy, clothes, electricity and etc, in short, limited resources, thus I always support recycle concept and don't be wasteful. But look at the youngsters today, they will never able to imagine that, hopefully they will appreciate what they have :)

We reached Puncak Bagus and stop for short break. Here we find view of both Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake.

Lake Buyan.

Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan next to each other:

Some snack we ordered from Puncak Bagus Cafe:

Nice ginger tea and cocoa hot drink.

Fried banana with cheese and chocolate syrup on top. The french fries is fresh too :) The brunch costs us IDR 210K (~RM 75).

A decorated pura. These few days seems like a good day for wedding, we saw at least 7 wedding ceremony on our road. The engaged couple need to pray at their house, village pura and also other pura e.g. district pura :)

At Munduk, there are quite a few of homestay style accomodation available, a place to stay connected with the green mother earth.

The driver also share some Balinese culture with us. One of it is Balinese calendar. One year is 12 month, 1 month is 35 days. Their new year is called Silent Day. No light nor electricity is allowed. Thus the whole Bali is in dark. Even if you are staying in the hotel, you will get only few candles to survive for the new year day. Besides, Balinese can only stay home on Silent Day, then of course all the shop are closed :) Visitor is advised to stay inside their room also. It is a really silent Bali on Silent Day :) Be sure to check the date of Silent Day before you plan your visit to Bali :D

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