Friday, September 25, 2009

Happiness at this moment 幸福在当下

During my last Beijing trip, I bought quite a few Chinese book, the book price is really attractive, at least half of that in Malaysia, and more importantly is might not available in Malaysia bookstore. I like to buy online from dang dang 当当网 or amazon joyo卓越.

About a month ago, I finished read 幸福在当下 Happiness at this moment. Similar to other motivation book, the author uses a lot of story and experience to convey the idea. Until today, a story still in my mind. In short, the author has a very good academic achievement few years ago and she always get a lot of compliments of that. One day her uncle asked her, what is your achievement for this year? The author was shocked and then realized that, those compliments belong to the past, more importantly is Now, This Moment. At this moment, how do you feel, what do you achieve, are you happy, can you sleep, can you eat and etc.

Another idea is, if you live in a country with no war, you can go to school, you can get food easily, then you are very lucky than at least 2/3 of the population in the world (if I remembered the figure correctly), thus, you should feel happy of being lucky :D

A quick glance of the book:

Intro Now This Moment is the most important moment 自序 当下最重要

1st chapter: Let go of the past 第一章 放下过去
1. It is you Now, whose build from the past没有曾经,就没有你的现在
If there is no past 假如没有过去
Hurt by a relationship 受过爱情的伤
Results revealed only the past, not current 成绩只能说明过去
2. Remembered the past, but don't live there记得过去,可别活在那里
Don't pay yesterday bill 不为昨天买单
Release yourself Now 现在就放了自己
Life, begin anywhere anytime 人生可以随时开始
3. Be able to take it up, but also be able to let go拿得起,更要放得下
Clear your burden 清理人生背包
New will come after the old 旧的不去,新的不来
Optimistic is the keypoint 乐观是转机
4. Thanks to all the challenges in the past感谢一路的风风雨雨
Sadness is the salt of life 苦是生命的盐
You may turn but not U-turn 可以转身,但不回头
Forgive others, release yourself 宽怒别人,宽容自己

2nd chapter: Face challenge positively 第二章 正视逆镜
1. Challenge, is a gift from the God磨难,是上天赐予的财富
The positive meaning of Lost “输”的积极意义
Pile up challenges as your wealth 将磨难积累成财富
Be the supporter of yourself 做自己的靠山
2.Treat challenge as a trip 把挫折当作一次旅程
Your altitude decide your life 心态决定人生
Challenge enriched your life 曲折,让生命更精彩
Hope, is the lighthouse of life “希望”是生命的灯
3.Find your road to successful in downturn 逆境中开始成功之路
You will lost if you have no direction in life 没有方向,就会迷失
The beauty of elasticity of life 生命的柔韧美
Dream biggest worry is Wait 梦想害怕等待
4.Let's have bigger challenges 让暴风雨来得更猛烈些吧
Challenge the old you 战胜以往的自己
It is not end of the world 人生没有绝境
Rainbow will come after the rain 彩虹闪耀在风雨之后

3rd chapter: Appreciate this moment 第三章 珍惜现在
1. Something called Appreciate 有一种态度叫珍惜
Happiness is not tomorrow, neither yesterday 幸福不在明天,也不在昨天
Every moment is unique 每一个刹那都是唯一
Seize this moment is better than hoping for tomorrow 把握现在胜过等待未来
2. A good medicine called Forget 有一种良药叫忘记
Give yourself a new start 给自己一个新的开始
Don't put the sadness at your back 不要背负婚姻失败的伤
The philosophy of Forgetting “健忘”的哲学
3. A fortune called Challenge 有一种财富叫磨难
Fell down is just a starting point 跌倒只是开始
Obstacle make us stronger 障碍使我们变得伟大
Leave the failure behind 把失败写在背面
4. There is something good called Hope 有一种美景叫希望
How a caterpillar become a butterfly 化蛹为蝶的蜕变
The details define success/failure 细节决定成败
Everyday is an important day 把握生命中的每一天

4th chapter Enjoy the sunshine 第四章 享受阳光
1. Let's enjoy now 为什么不能享受现在
This moment is the most precious 此刻的时光最珍贵
Is next moment will be better? 下一刻更美好?
Do not withdraw Tomorrow's harass 不要预支明天的烦恼
2. Live normally 以平常心去对待生活
Stop comparing 别再去比较了
Shut the worry outside the door 把烦恼关在门外
What are you waiting for? 你还在等什么?
3. Always appreciate 用感恩的眼睛看世界
Appreciate your belonging now 感激现在的拥有
Your current relationship is precious 无价是眼前的爱人
Let sun shine in your heart 让心中装满阳光
4. Still living, is the best thing in life 活着就是最美的事情
Don't trade money with your health 不用健康换金钱
Life and death 生有时,死有时
Still living, is the best thing in life 活着,就是最美的幸福

5th chapter Search for peacefulness 第五章 寻找安宁
1. A simple life 有一种生活叫简约
What are you rushing for? 你在追赶什么
Use 'subtraction' to live 用减法过生活
A happy marriage is not like roller-coaster 幸福的婚姻是平淡
2. Be satisfied 有一种快乐叫知足
Don't stretch too far 适可而止最高明
The philosophy of 80% 人生的八分哲学
Don't stretch yourself 不要太苛求自己
3. A 'normal' heart thinking 有一种心境叫平常
Nothing we can bring when it is end of the life 我们什么也带不走
Perfectionism, the source of struggle 越完美,越痛苦
Reduce worry 减少烦恼,保持平常心
4. Stay calm 有一种幸福叫安宁
Everyday is a good day 日日是好日
Sleep well with calm mind 枕着心安入眠
Back to simple life 回归简单的生命本质

6th chapter Stay away from desire 第六章 远离欲望
1. How big is your desire? 有多少欲望才能满足
Life cannot be 100% full 生活不能装得太满
Extramarital affairs is high risk gambling 婚外情是危险的赌博
Be satisfied 满足永远在未来
2. Learn to hold 人要学会忍耐
Do not let wealth control you 不要让财富成为负担
Learn to let go 学会放弃,回到当下
It is still a long way to go 有些路还需慢慢走
3. Bring your heart with you 把心放在身边
Sit here 坐在这里,想那里
Appreciate the relationship around you 珍惜身边的爱
Most important thing in life 生命中最重要的事
4. Learn to let go 学会放弃是一种智慧
Let it go when it is time to 该舍弃时就舍弃
Step back, is moving forward 退步原来是向前
Do what is important to 做最重要的事

7th chapter Go for simplicity 第七章 追求简约
1. Be slower, relax 放慢脚步,轻松生活
Enjoy the process 何不享受过程
Find your own pace 找到适合自己的节奏
Yoga exercise for your soul 给心灵做个瑜珈
2. Put down the burden 卸下身上沉重的包袱
Stress is a spice of life 压力是一种调味品
Forget the pain of unsuccessful relationship 放下失恋的痛苦
Enjoy everyday 享受生活的每一天
3. Simple but not dull 简约,但不简单
Live your life 对生活投入“全心全意”
Learn to be less smart 学学.“傻根”许三多
Face gain/lost 安然看待得失
4. You decide your happiness 追寻快乐,全在自己
To be happy, first open your heart 要快乐,先“开”心
Continue journey of life with smile 带着笑容上路
It is happy to share 分享才快乐

8th chapter Plan your tomorrow 第八章 给明天一个规划
1. Your today decide your tomorrow 明天怎样,在于你对今天的把握
Time is not a toy 时间不是奢侈品
Treat every time the first time 把每一次都当作第一次
Set a goal 每天给自己一个目标
2. Live this moment, doesn't meant do not plan for tomorrow 活在当下,不是不计划
Today is the foundation of tomorrow 今天是明天的基石
Everyday a little, it will be a mickle 做小事也可以成就伟大
Goal is 50% of successful 成功的一半是方向
3. Face your life 正视自己的人生
Plan your life 为生命做一个规划
Desire is a double side blade 野心是把双刃剑
Set your soul free 解除心灵的枷锁
4. Future is in your hand 未来在我手中
The size of the world is the size of your heart 心有多大,世界才有多大
I'm possible 每个人都有无限可能
Write your own interesting story of life 精彩生命,自己书写

Ending Life exists at this moment 尾声 生活只存在于现在

I hope the content overview can give you some idea the importance of This Moment. My friend, live today :) not yesterday nor tomorrow. Sun shine on everybody fairly, if you ever go under the sunshine.


CK said...

Hi MK, who is the author of this book? 吴若权?

**Shih Nyien** said...

Can u share the story that u still remember until now?

mk said...

CK, the author is 黎丹正.

SN, the story is the author academic achievement which I made it into few sentences only *chuckle*

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