Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009-08-20 (4) Kintamani

The temperature decreasing when we drove higher and higher. It gave me a feeling like reaching Cameron Highland but less humid. We switch off the car air-cond and the air was very refreshing. We need to pay IDR 5K per person to enter the area.

The driver drove us to a restaurant. I can't remember the restaurant name, I thought I taken a photo of it but couldn't find it.

The buffet lunch costs us IDR 96K per person. We chosen outside dining area which provides great view of Kintamani, pictures below were taken from our dining table.

(Click on picture link for clearer picture! )

Well, some foods from the buffet lunch.

Few days ago, a friend said some may find cheaper buffet lunch at other restaurant, around IDR 60K ++ but with lots of flies around. For the restaurant that I dine in, it is quite clean and we hardly see any fly, thank god :)

Oh worth to mention, passion fruit provided by the restaurant was very nice, sweet and not sour, dislike those I got in Malaysia :)

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