Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009-08-21 (1) Ubud

In the early morning, we walked to Ubud market. It took us around 15-25min to reach market from Puri Dalem Cottages. On our way, we passed by a lot of shops. A lot of them are still closed while some is preparing to start the business of the day. According to our driver, balinese pray two times a day, before and after work. They use a lot of flower put inside a palm leave basket with incense. We see a lot of pura (temple) on our way to market. Well, thousand pura island :D

Small paddy field on the roadside.

Rubbish bin, made by abandon tyre. It is called Bak Sampah in Bali, as written on it :)

A lot of unique shop in town. We did not stop by any of the shop as they were still closed.

If I have not mention else where, most Balinese lady is Iron Head Kung Fu :D Look at picture below and you will get what I mean :D

The market.

The old lady selling the flower used for prayers.

Balinese woman in Balinese batik (one of Balinese traditional clothing) passing by the pray area.

Balinese man in traditional clothing.

The tourist information center near the market.

After we checked-out, we departed to Pura Ayun. Before we leave Ubud, we stop by Pizza Bagus to get a pizza for take way. There are few different flavors of pizza and few are mostly vegetables.

Pizza Cantik (tomato, mozzarella, asparagus, spinach, egg, parmesan, basil) 12 inch costs us IDR 36K (~RM 13). Well, this is my first time eating spinach pizza, quite special :) Popeye the sailorman, 'boot boot' :) We also bought a cup of avacado juice, IDR 11K (~RM 4) If I have not mentioned else where, you must try the fruit juice here, prepared with fiber, thick and less sugar, very good taste :D


sock peng said...

if we plan visit Bali, i will refer to ur schedule

mk said...

Sure. There are few places not covered in my schedule due to some reason though :)