Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009-08-21 (4) Ayam Bakar Taliwang

When we come out from Botanical Garden entrance, there were few hawker selling strawberry. When we stopped by a market not far from it, the first thing to look for is strawberry :D I just realize I forgot to take picture of the fruits I bought. Anyway, a small pack of strawberry is IDR 5k (~RM 1.80), 2 pieces of corn is at the same price, IDR 5K, around 8 pcs of passion fruit is IDR 10K (~RM 3.60). The best is still the strawberry :D cheap and tasty. We also bought grape, but it is too sour, mainly for wine making.

There are a lot of spices also. I was thinking to bought some vanilla for cooking. But I felt RM 18 for 10 pcs of sounds a bit expensive. I still have no idea what is the best deal now as I cannot find it else where after this. If anyone is going to Bali, please let me know if you can help me to buy some :)

After that we headed to Ayam Bakar Taliwang for lunch, opposite of Buyan Lake entrance. We didn't went to Buyan Lake after that, as the driver said he will show us better view tomorrow :)

This is a muslim store, here is an example of their calendar, so many words :p

Not sure what donation box are those:

Of course, the food :)

1) Ayam bakar taliwang - Very small chicken, according to the driver, this chicken is small in size. Not really surprising taste I personally think. We ordered 4.
2) Tofu - I don't really like this :p
3) I cannot remember the dish name, it is raw egg plant with chili, very spicy :)
4) Satay - I still prefer Malaysia satay :D

Besides, we also ordered fried kangkung which is good taste, fried noodle. We invite the driver to join us for lunch. It costs IDR 179K (~RM 64).


sock peng said...

food also quite expensive at Bali

mk said...

The famous food in restaurant is not to say cheap. I heard restaurant where only locals go is much cheaper, at least half the price and even cheaper, e.g. IDR 10K (~RM 3.6) can get a big bowl of meal, if you willing to give it a try :D