Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009-08-20 (2) Bali Bird Park

After our breakfast, we met the driver and started our journey :) Before that, we bought few bottle of mineral water of 1.5l each. It costs IDR 4K each, from Circle-K.

The first stop is Bali Bird Park. The entrance fee is as below. Frankly, it is quite costly, but after the visit, we think it is still reasonable, especially if you like to see birds and can spend more hour here.

(For all pictures, click on picture for clearer version! )

At the entrance, there are few untied parrot on the tree welcome you. There were few tourist tried to talk to the parrots, but unfortunately the parrot never answer/response, so cool eh :p I was surprised the parrot don't fly away.

There seems to be always new bird arrivals, as in display board below. Some of it need to be quarantined. *chuckle* it then reminded me of my upcoming self-quarantine after travel :p

In Bali, lotus can be seen almost everywhere :)

Information display board is everywhere to introduce the bird species. Most of the birds are in cage, except some parrots and two peacocks :) Some display board has Chinese and Japanese bird name.

There are a lot of birds new to me. Unfortunately I was not able to capture those except few below. The birds hide and it was hard to find them in the cage most of the time.

Could the dye hair and guy hairstyle got the idea from the bird above? :p

When the bird above bow, there will be a sound, loud one. I had it recorded in video which the size is too large to be uploaded here :) I am using a slow connection.

There are few area like below, with big net/cage, visitor can go inside to see more birds. Those birds are free inside that area. So you will see lots of birds flying around inside. Luckily none of us get any 'lottery' (the bird shit) But watch out for your steps, there maybe some on the floor :p

After almost 2 hours, we were about to left and saw this white peacock.

Some brochure information. Click on individual picture for better resolution. Or let me know and I can share with you offline.

We had no chance to join any of the activities above. We need to go to next stop. As I mentioned earlier, if you would like to visit this park, recommended to stay at least half a day :) There are always bird chirping/singing, with the green environment, it is really nice to stay here longer, especially for natural lover like me :)

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