Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009-08-22 (6) Palm Beach Hotel and SA Cafe

The traffic is smoother from Uluwatu to Palm Beach Hotel. Palm Beach Hotel is very just opposite of the beach. We stayed for two nights here, by paying USD 45 per room per night.

Here is the room, with balcony.

One interesting thing is the antenna below :D

Frankly, the room is old, the hotelier really need to put some effort to maintain the business. I would not recommend it if it is not renovate/refurbished later.

After that, we walked to SA cafe nearby for dinner. This seems to be quite popular among foreigner and we found the food is quite tasty also. From ice cream, clockwise.

1) Ice cream
2) Grilled seafood brochette
3) Fried vegetable
4) Grilled Chicken Alasa

The dinner costs IDR 188K (~RM 67). We walked back to hotel after dinner. Parent did not feel comfortable to walk on the street at night.

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