Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009-08-21 (6) Aditya Hotel, Lovina

Lovina is a famous place to watch dolphin. But due to some reason, I didn't manage to join the tour... The weather is nice in Aug, clear sky. Let's take a look at Lovina during daytime.

Blue sky, blue sea, black but shining sand.

For a night stay at Aditya Hotel, it costs us IDR 656200 (~RM 235) for 2 rooms. The hotel has its own private beach, where it is fenced, thus outsider cannot access the hotel easily. There is also 24 hours security control in the compound.

This is my room balcony:

The room:

The massage gazebo *chuckle*

The swimming pool:

The dinner we took yesterday night. From left to right, top to bottom:

1) Tom Yam Kung - Quite nice, hehe don't tease me for having Thai food in Bali, this is the only oriental soup available :)
2) Fried kangkung, taste okay.
3) Pepes Ikan Laut (Fish cooked in banana leave) - tasted a bit like otak-otak.
4) Babi Kecap (Sauteed pork with soya sauce and rice) - Tasted okay.

1) Ikan Bumbung Bali (Fried fish with homemade sauce) - We got salmon.
2) Rujak segar (Fresh cut fruits with special sauce) - I still prefer Malaysia rojak :p In fact the sauce taste is not so strong, but still the foreigner next to our table cannot accept it.
3) Bintang beer, a local brand beer.

The dinner is IDR 210K (~RM 75).

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