Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Dong Zhi (Winter day) 冬至快乐

Every year Dec 22th (occasionally 21th) is Winter Day 冬至。On this day, Chinese tradition is to make Tang Yuan 汤圆, which looks like below. It is made from glutinous rice powder, plain or stuffed with peanut ingredient, or other ingredient. The soup base is usually boiled with Pandan leave, ginger and sugar.

Thanks to YY for the delicious homemade Tang Yuan :)

Green color is with Pandan juice, blue color is with a kind of flower (I forgot the name, it is the same flower used to made nasi served with kaya), the yellow color is from natural plant also but YY forgot that is that. Well, the red color need artificial color agent. The white one, of course, is the natural color of glutinous rice :)

Hope you have had an enjoyable Winter Day with your family/friends :)

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