Friday, December 18, 2009

Poisonous money plant 有毒金钱树

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Does this plant looks familiar for you? This plant is called Zamioculcas (Common name "Zanzibar Gem"). In Malaysia it is more commonly known as Money Plant. A common say is that this will bring wealthiness thus it can be found very easily in office or household recently.

But do you realized that it is poisonous? Read more from link below (Thanks to SA for the email, AS for the URL):

For mandarin version, please

The moral of the story: Don't judge a book by its cover. Keep our eyes open and we will see more :D


Anonymous said...

Um... I read the article about Zamioculcas and it doesn't say anything about poisonous to exposure. I understand that there were e-mails circulating about these money plants recently and that had resulted to many paranoid house sitters discarding the plants. I don't think it would be appropriate to fuel the fire since it is baseless. Poisonous to ingestion, it is. Hence, precautions should be taken on keeping kids and pets clear and away from the plant. I might suggest leaving potted plants well above the reach of children. Animals usually have a good sense of what is good and bad for their health but if you must, hang the plants instead of leaving them around in pots etc. Another common plant in Malaysia, Epipremnum aureum, is also poisonous to ingestion but will also help reduce carcinogenic pollutants around the house. This includes formaldehyde and benzene. In fact, this type of money plant would be rather helpful in reducing the exposure of your body to harmful chemicals. I suggest a thorough look again to money plants. Thank you anyway for highlighting them in your blog.

Green Fingers.

Anonymous said...

Agree with GF. A lot of people have been driven to part with their lovely money plants because of such health-threatening claims though unfounded.

mk said...

From the wiki link, if I read correctly, it says it is poisonous if indigestion. Anyway, I am not researcher in that area and have no way to proof, unless I myself eat some :p

palani said...
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