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UMHB: Chapter 2 - What is Meridian and Collaterals 经络 (1)

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MC [MK: MCS is abbr. of meridian and Collaterals system, MC is abbr. of meridian and Collaterals] has been used in TCM since few thousands years ago. When human fall sick, there will be few red line appears on human body and massaging those line can help in curing the disease. Human with those red line are called 经络人 and very rare can be found in this world. MCS evolved slowly from TCM treatment cases.

In Han Dynasty, there was an experiment to put tiny bamboo leaf inside vascular of a live human body, and found out the flow direction didn't match MC drawing inside TCM book. Thus TCM was not verified to be exist and slowly it was abandoned.

Later when anatomy and western medication evolved, its scientific approach gained people confidence, and thus people slowly think TCM is not solid/valid.

In a year of decade 1960, a scientist in North Korea claimed he found the MC. This announcement quake the medication world. Then more researches on MS was started by Japan and China, to hope to be able to reveal the truth of MC before the rest. Nevertheless, the Korea scientist commited suicide after few years, because of able to provide the proof of MC.

The suicide case then ruin the rest of research work and confidence. Until year 1970, US president visited China, and China government demonstration heart operation with acupuncture but anesthetics. This surprised the American specialist witness the operation. This then split the TCM practitioners into two group, one believe that acupuncture point exist but MC. The other believe MC exist although it is yet to be proven.

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