Sunday, December 6, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Energy supply system

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Every system need energy supply. This apply to computer, car and needless to say human body. Human body energy supply system is not as simple that of computer and car. Electricity and petrol is easy to be consume by those hardware, but when food goes into human body, it need to be digested to become energy consumable by human body. When human body asleep, these energy will goes into blood. Thus, human body energy supply system involved at least digestive system and blood production system, and other organ, to produce energy for human body.

Car cannot move without petrol. If electrical supply is insufficient, a computer might not function well, in addition, it could have harmful effect if we continue to use the computer for long. Similarly, it is the same for human body. Long term insufficient energy supply will result in different kind of chronic diseases.

If we can understand this system, find a way to measure the energy level at anytime, like that of computer and car energy supply system, will definitely useful to increase human healthiness.

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