Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Diagnosis and maintenance system

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When we cut our hand or leg, the doctor will apply spirit and antiseptic gel/liquid. These are just to prevent inflammation. All other recovery work and cell regeneration are done by human body itself. This applies to external cut and also internal healing. These recovery and regeneration operations come with human body in nature, which we will then not paying attention to. But if we think about it in more details, these are complicated operations!

First, human body need to diagnose the wound location and its severity, then take appropriate operation, compose the the dead cells become wound to cover the cut, to protect human body. Then new cell will grown and the wound will disappear. The whole operation will consume a lot of energy like Blood Qi.

When human body has enough energy supply, these maintenance and recovery work will goes on daily. But if there is not enough of energy, it will be selective to perform critical repair work only. TCM focus on human body self recover ability, and most treatment are meant to increase human body energy level, to enable recovery and maintenance work.

During wound recovery, maybe the wound will swollen or has other sign of inflammation. Similarly, during organ recovery, there will be symptom e.g. cough, phlegm, tired and etc. In TCM, human body is very intelligent, and these symptoms are caused by recovery work, thus its treatment is usually helping out the recovery function. Whereas in western medication, it treat symptoms as human body fault and try to stop all the symptoms.

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