Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sushi Kitchen, Sg Ara, Penang. Counting down...

What is your thought when you first look at the restaurant name Sushi Kitchen? I initially thought it is selling Japanese food Sushi. After my colleague explaination then only we realized it is a restaurant promoting Japanese vegetarian food.

Here is the restaurant interior decoration:

I heard the owner actually concur some country using the bike displayed. Of course diners are not allowed to ride on the bicycle, it is for display purpose only :)

The book rack on the left contains a lot of books. This is the first time I heard of the book 再穷也要去旅行 & 再苦也要去旅行. There are lots more book, how nice if this restaurant is within walking distance from my place, then I will surely visit it always :p Lazy MK.

I surely support this!I am not saying Do not eat meat, but reduce meat instead.

Cutie cup for evergreen.

Simple and nice tissue box wrapper.

Front and back of a toy there. One of my colleague love it very much :D I will never get excited about mashimaro :p

Of course, the food.

Spicy noodle @RM 6.80. Notice the laksa flower on top? This made the taste unique.

Sweet potato noodles @ RM 4. I feel this is special too.

Fried Udon @ RM 7.80.

Sushi platter at RM 28.80. The wasabi is carved in leaf shape. The restaurant owner gave us some hot sauce to try out. He said it is a gift from his friend from US. Wow, it reminded me of the hot sauce I tried in US last time, just a few drop and you tongue will be burnt! The restaurant owner and the waitress are very friendly. They gave us some Wu Long tea to reduce the spicyness of the hot sauce.

On the menu, there are other rice and noodle choices. Brown rice is used here ;) Oh and also they are using garbage enzyme to wash the vegetables, you may see few big bottles of garbage enzyme outside of the kichen.

My colleague told me this restaurant will be closed down by end of Dec 2009. She said the owner would like to find a better way to promote vegetarian food, he think this method is not good enough. Be fast if you would like to try it out.

Business Hour:
11am - 3om (last order 2.15pm)
6.30pm - 11pm (last order 10.15pm)
Close on Tuesday.
Tel: 017-4656821
Address : 2A-1 , Jalan Sungai Ara , Desa Ara, Sungai Ara , 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


skypaul said...

then have to find time to go and try before they closing down. Hope i have time to make a visit there. the food looks nice

mk said...

haha don't set too high expectation. No expectation, no disappointment, and there will always be joy in life :p

Some friend think the food is just normal ;)

Anonymous said...
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