Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Network system (2)

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Meridian and Collaterals system 经络系统

TCM discover this system few thousand years ago but this system is not scientifically proven until 1998 by a research group in China.

This research group discovered meridian and collaterals system [MK: I will abbr. this to MCS] has light fiber physical characteristics. Besides, blood capillary nearby MSC is always in parallel with MSC. From the perspective of current hydromechanics, this yield fluid flow field. This scientifically explain TCM concept where medicine flow in MSC direction. MSC convey not only message but more substance.

The rest of human body network system comprises of certain pipeline structure. MSC is different that it consist of different kind of substance. Hopefully there will be more research on this system.

Subsequent network system are commonly mentioned in current western medication or TCM, thus we will not go through in detail.

Vascular system 血管系统

This is a transportation system for energy supply system and cleansing system.

Nerve system 神经系统

This system convey signal message between brain and other organ.

Lymphatic system 淋巴系统

This system is mainly for defensing. It detects the intruders, and send white blood cells to different part of human body.

We have gone through few different kind of human body systems, comprises of hardware, software and network [MK: Imagine human body is a network of Internet :) ], which is a complete system.


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