Thursday, December 3, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Human body system (3)

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Comparing TCM with western medication, it is noticeable that western medication is based on anatomy. The theories built upon hardware structure that our eye can see, and each system is independent. While TCM explain human body comprises of both hardware and software, which build a complicated system.

In TCM ancient reference book, it seldom mentioned brain. This is a big different between TCM and western medication too. In TCM, human body is as a whole, there are close interaction between Zang and Fu, and other system which we will discuss later. In the past, technology is not well developed and lack of scientific measurement. With these limitation, special terms were used to described TCM. For example, in energy system能量系统, we use words like Yin 阴, Yang 阳, five elements 五行, Insufficient 虚, Excessive 实, [MK: If using direct word translation, 虚 & 实 means something else, but I think Insufficient and Excessive can explain the term better.] Blood Qi 血气, and Fire 火. In resource management system, terms like balance 平衡, interactively produce and restrain 相生相克 are commonly used. These terms are hard to be scientifically understandable and proven, thus make TCM sounds hard to be understand.

From the perspective of current engineering science, if we use western medication theory to describe human system, there are still a lot of gap especially the lack of energy supply system. For example, energy supply must be there for all system, for example computer requires electrical power supply, car requires petrol and electricity.

In TCM, there is another important area which is meridian and Collaterals system. These idea are not proven in western medication. Until year 1998, a small research group found some scientific proof of the existence of meridian and Collaterals system after 8 years of research. It was found that there is some bio-liquid crystal material will has similar fiber light response to certain frequency length of infrared. These findings can be easily related to current network hardware system. Human body could consist of a networking system!

From the evolution of an organism, early organism has no brain, the meridian and Collaterals system inside it control each organ functionality. If to explain this using current terminology, these meridian system has some communication ability. One organism might have more than one computer inside it, which means it could have more than one brain inside it to build up the whole network system. This idea is differs from current western medication of brain is the only computer inside human body. Total of 6 human body functional system and four network system will be described in details later.


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