Friday, December 11, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Resource management system (3)

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Due to changes in human living habit and the way we treat disease, it makes human body energy supply reduced for long term, which stem the chronic diseases.

For example, Hyperthyroidism in TCM is a symptom of "Yin Xu (insufficient) Huo (Fire) Zhong (Heavy) "阴虚火重, which caused by long period withdrawing stored energy. Diabetics in TCM is a symptom of "Yin Yang Both Xu (insufficient)" 阴阳两虚, both daily produced energy and stored energy are depleting, human body getting muscle as energy sources. A lot of chronic diseases can be explained using energy supply system, thus a better way to improve the disease condition.

A good TCM practitioner will be able to diagnose a patient energy level using his symptom, where this is considered most important in TCM treatment. Although the term energy supply system was not specifically mentioned in TCM books, but this is practical in TCM concepts.

After some treatment, a patient Blood Qi will increased, and thus organ has more ability to improve its condition, and thus more treatment will be reflected at human body at this stage.

For example, when more new blood flow into muscle which does not has enough blood, there will be some muscle pain; when new blood go to lungh to clear the Cold Qi 寒气, there will be flu symptom; when new blood go to liver, urine will be more yellowish, there will be more garbage e.g. cholesterol inside blood also. when new blood go into kidney, the urine will maybe not so clear which looks like has more protein in it.

These symptoms are very similar to those of human body energy falling stage. Only good TCM practitioner is able to differentiate, while western medication treat all those symptoms as diseases. Since those symptoms is actually a sign of human body working to improve health condition, appropriate treatment should be use on human body to speed up the process. But in western medication, most treatment method is to correct those symptoms, which is stopping human body recovering action. Oh yes then the symptoms are gone, but human body recovery action will be stopped, although all kind of western test e.g. blood test result looks good. These treatment are actually harmful, if you think about it in deep.


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