Friday, December 4, 2009

Kocha Taiwanese Delight, Penang 台湾古早味,槟城

Congratulations on completing UMHB chapter 2 introduction. Let's get some 'energy' today :D

There are a lot of restaurant and hawker center at Penang Burma Road. Oh in fact, restaurant and hawker center are almost everywhere in Penang island *chuckle*. If you like Taiwanese food, can consider to go this Kocha Taiwanese Delight restaurant.

Quite a few of plants/bonzai in front of the shop. Oh again, click on respective image for clearer version.

The restaurant is quite nicely decorated. I cannot remember if I see this lamp during my last time here. Different lamp has different wording :)

I used to order 卤肉饭 usually. But this time we ordered a Mini Vegetable Steamboat 迷你素食锅 (RM 16.50). The taste is a bit light, with mushroom soup base. Vegetable lover like me for sure will like it :D A comment is if they can put less cabbage but other type of vegetables. On the right is Salty Chicken & Rice set 咸酥鸡饭 (RM 15.80), with a piece of fruit and a cup of water. I like the salty chicken too :D By the way, warm water is not free, it is RM 1 per cup :p

Address: 229 Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang
Tel: 04 227 5048


sock peng said...

this restaurant have problem of car park
limited car park near by and heavy traffic during school day

mk said...

hehe agree. I am lucky to have car park at the small 'lorong' next to it usually :)