Monday, December 14, 2009

Penang Starwalk, 2009

It has been a year since last year starwalk, time wait for no one :)

Let's take a look at this year starwalk goodies bag. The goodies bag is usually available for collection 3 days before the event. Compared to previous 3 years, this year goodies bag seems to has more item inside the green colour Eastin hotel recycle bag. A colleague counted, in total 23 items. The recent open Eastin hotel sponsored in both Penang bridge run and this starwalk. Most of my colleague like its recycle bag.

After few years joining competition category, the certificate doesn't mean much to me, then I join non-competition this two years. If I am not mistaken, this year seems to have more participants than past few years! Non-competition reporting venue changed to SMK Raja Tun Uda opposite of Pantai Hospital. It is very closed to my house, so I decided to walk to the reporting point. The number of participants seems to increase from last year, and I do not know why a lot of people still would like to get out from the reporting point after registration. After you present the reporting card, you will get a fluorocent green rubber band as a sign of registration. It was really chaos at the entrance gate to the school's field. Maybe I was still in my dream (I woke up very late since it is so close to my house, AS arrived at 6.35am which I had just woke up), I can't see a lot of friend until they come and say hi to me :p Blur MK ;)

This year non-competition has a shorter route than that of competition category and thus the changes on the reporting venue. It is shortern by around 1-2km. The walk started at 7.30a.m. sharp. If you happen to be in front of the starting point, most probably your face will be captured by the camera and video recorder :D

On our way, PL met us and chit chat a lot. He pointed to us few parents walking with their kid inside stroller. He pointed one stroller which can be detach and hook to bicycle and told us that parent brought their kid for the Penang Merdeka cycling event too. Wow, he really know a lot of people, always say hi to people on his way :D Then he also pointed to few cute doggie who came along and a 2-3 years old princess on her kiddy bicycle. It seems to be more than starwalk, extended to baby-walk, dog-walk. Will someone bring his cat next year for catwalk? :p

SP and I didn't spend much effort in training this year, luckily we still able to complete it in 1.5hours for this shorten route. I would call this leisure walk instead, as it is so crowded that we don't have much mood to really walk in starwalk style :p If you finish earlier, can go to PISA to enjoy some sponsored beverage/snack. There are few games usually available too.

As usual, a group of us will go to nearby hawker center for breakfast, and then passed the lucky draw stub to BH and leave. Both competition and non-competition participants complete the walk in 2 hours will be entitled for lucky draw. This year BH and WP won number 9 and number 5 in men open and women open respectively, thumbs up to them, bravo :D


BH said...

Get some training, next year go join competition category again :)

mk said...

haha will seriously consider about this :D Let me 'jiu' my colleague to aim for that also :D
Did you join this walk?

BH said... should join competition. With faster walking, you can easily get into medal winning position :)

mk said...

hehe, today a colleague is interested to do that also. Let's see if I can win any next year with almost a year training :D