Saturday, December 19, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Cleansing system

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Metabolism activities is going on inside human body every single second. Similarly, 'rubbish' [MK: Hmm I cannot recall the appropriate scientific term, it means unwanted item] is being generated every moment. When human body energy supply system not working well, organ functionality goes down, the meridian system will be impacted too. Weak organ will caused blockage in its respective meridian system, while the blockage will then have negative impact on the organ functionality, which is a vicious cycle.

When one is young, there is enough Blood Qi, the cleansing system is able to work fine, thus no dark spot, wrinkle and obesity. When one grow with the age, very commonly Blood Qi will dropped, and thus fatter, more dark spot.

A lot of TCM treatment via meridian system is to help human body to do cleansing job. As long as the cleansing system is working well with enough Blood Qi supply, one will stay young and healthy.

Cleansing system consists of few operation e.g. blood cleansing in liver and kidney, lung cleaning breath-in air, motion, sweat and etc. Heart, spleen and meridian system is playing role in transporting the rubbish to be clear from human body. Most of the organs are involved in cleansing operation.

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