Wednesday, December 9, 2009

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Resource management system (1)

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Nowadays, a lot of people used to have experience of 'exhausted', because of lack of sleep, or insufficient nutrient input and etc. During the exhausted period, some people might feel their condition is good, some may feel getting worsen, but they can still live their living without any disease symptom.

Inside human body, there could be a resource management system similar to that of calculator software, although we are not sure which organ does it talk to. When human body is lack of energy, the system will get the stored energy, convert it for consumption. If human body continue to be exhausted for long, the system will still try to get energy from other part of human body for living, for even few tenth of years.

When the energy conversion is going on, there will be certain chemical operation going on inside human body. In this time, human body substance e.g. blood protein and glucose level will vary. In this time of point, the blood test result might looks bad. In we can understand how the system works, then maybe we can interpret the blood test result to reflect human body actual health status.

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