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UMHB: Chapter 2 - Resource management system (2)

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In TCM, terms like Yin阴, Yang阳, Xu虚 (insufficient), Shi实 (excessive) are used to describe human body energy level. For example, Yin represents stored energy, Yang means Blood Qi produced daily, Yang Xu (insufficient of Yang)阳虚 indicates insufficient of daily energy supply, which means insufficient of Blood Qi, Yin Xu 阴虚means insufficient of stored energy.

Blood Qi 血气 is energy produced daily, while withdrawn energy is called Huo (Fire)火. Yin Xu (insufficient) Huo (Fire) Zhong (Heavy)阴虚火重 mean we are withdrawing a lot of energy from the body stored energy. Yin Yang Both Xu (insufficient) 阴阳两虚 means insufficient of daily produced energy and also the same for stored energy, our body will need to find 3rd way to get energy. Depletion of Blood Qi气血枯竭 means the depletion of both Blood Qi and stored energy. I hope these term explanation clear some of your doubts about TCM.

Energy supply adjustment is similar to a company financial adjustment. When a company financial status is good, its exterior renovation design always looks good. Every department operating in good condition as well. But if the company is running out of money, there will be budget control, down sizing some department. At the worst case, the company might need to sell off some asset.

Analogously, when human body is lack of Blood Qi, less important functionality will get less energy supply. At this stage, there will be few changes on human body. For example, when cleaning system doesn't get enough energy supply, human skin will get darker and darker, or more dark spot, or fatter. This is similar to the case where a company looks older.

If energy supplied to spleen is reduced, human body maintenane system will reduce its work, it will only response to critical illness. For people whose energy are exhausted for long run, they will not get sick when they are busy. These people will usually fall sick when they relax. This is because when body is relax, the Blood Qi usually will increased as well, and thus the energy supplied to spleen, thus spleen will response to all kind of illness. There is a Chinese ancient idiom, "Continuous small illness, critical illness will never come; If one never ill, one will at danger when fall sick 小病不断,大病不患;从来不生病,一病就要命"

If for liver, the blood cleansing frequency will be reduced, thus the blood will be getting more and more dirty. Gingival and lip color will become darker, blood volume inside liver will decreased, and thus cirrhosis.

If for kidney, urine color will become lighter in gradual, finally looks like water, became uremia. For most of the uremia patient, their kidney could be still functioning, the problem is there is not enough blood supplied to kidney.

If for lung, human organ water supply will be impacted, so skin color will be darker. Human body will become more dry as well, and thinner.

When the situation getting worsen, where the human body cannot reduce energy supply to organs, it will convert muscle to became energy source for human body consumption. This is then called diabetics. Re-use the company example just now, imagine a company is selling its asset to get more cash flow.

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